There are many situations where people want a toilet in their shed. Whether it be for that time when they are working in the shed and are caught short and need a toilet urgently, to the time when they use the shed for an office or accommodation.

Many sheds are on a slab and, in those instances, they can only use toilets that are self-contained, such as the Nature’s Head©, Excelet, or Compact.

There are other instances where the shed might have a raised floor. If there is a clearance under the floor of at least 650mm they can use a split system such as the Classic 650.

Nature's Head© Toilet

The Nature's Head© is being used by many because of the ability to be easily relocated and it's simplicity to install.

The small size, ease of installation, and reliability of the Nature’s Head© has earned it the “first choice” for those looking for a composting toilet for the shed they are building or considering.

The waterless design requires no water for flushing which not only requires no plumbing, but is also eco-responsible. There is no odour, due to the separation of liquid and solid wastes.

Excelet Toilet

The Excelet is also a good solution for a shed.

The Excelet range is designed to provide toilet facilities for low use situations at a low price. Unlike most composting toilets, the Excelet sits on the toilet room floor and requires no space beneath it.

As such, it suits people who are unable to install a composting chamber beneath their bathroom floor due to their home being built on a slab.

The Excelet is shaped to resemble a modern flushing toilet, although it is larger with the seat 10 cm higher than standard seats.

Classic 650

Where people have built a shed with an under floor clearance of at least 650mm, it is possible to use the Classic 650.

The benefit of this option is that you only have the pedestal inside the home, but all the rest of the unit is located under the floor.