Nature's Head Composting Toilet



The natures head Self-contained Composting Toilet is a revolution to the Australian market. This high quality compact portable composting toilet beats anything in our market today, not only in quality, but in price. We know, we have been selling composting toilets for over 12 years and are extremely excited about the new opportunities.

If you have a caravan, motor home, boat, horse float, shed or workshop where plumbing and/or underground access are not possible, or otherwise you don't care to go to the expense of plumbing, this is THE solution.

  • This system is compact
  • Waterless
  • Has no holding tank
  • Odourless
  • and most importantly, easy to install

and the benefits...this system comes with...

  • the nature's head composting toilet has a comfortable moulded seat
  • it separates urine
  • Has no holding tank
  • is a rugged marine grade
  • and has a 5 year warranty
  • Not to mention it is extremely easy to clean and of course, eco-friendly

Did we mention it fits in those narrow spaces most portables won't go?

Dimensions: 450mm wide x 546mm high and 475 mm deep.

With up to 80 uses before emptying aqnd still remaining odourless, that is quite a feat.

The Nature's head Self-contained Composting Toilet is the only solution for a variety of uses of this quality and anywhere near this price.

Have a look around, and when you come back, know you have made the right choice to buy a Nature's Head Self-contained composting toilet from Enviropro Alternatives.

The Nature's Head Toilet is available with 2 different handles, please make your selection when ordering:

The Natures Head now comes with two different handle options to turn the agitator. There is no need to bend low to turn the agitator, you can use your foot whilst standing, with the foot spider.  The hand spider handle option is the original handle used. Both have the ability to be installed on either side.  

When you purchase a Natures Head toilet, we also provide the following for easy installation:

  • Vent hose & Flange
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Cable & plug for 12v connection
  • 1 x Coir-Peat Brick
  • 1 x 500ml Spray Bottle of Compost Toilet Cleaner Stimulant

For further details and to order go to our Dedicated Nature's Head© Website