Where the toilet is to be located on a concrete slab or there is insufficient clearance below the floor for a bin, the toilet unit required is called a “self contained” unit. These units are installed directly into the bathroom.

Main Features:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Waterless - no plumbing required
  • Electrical units can evaporate all liquids under normal conditions
  • Easy to clean having a durable shiny contoured finish

In this situation the waste is stored within the unit itself, with the excess fluids draining of to a trench outside, in the case of the electrical units the excess fluids can be evaporated off.

There are several units that can be considered for this application, all of which are fully accredited in Australia. All of our products are Eco friendly and reliable, while still providing outstanding value.

  • EcoLet 25e Incl Vent Kit

    EcoLet 25e Incl Vent Kit

    Dimensions:Height: 65cm Width: 55cm Depth: 71cm Floorspace required:55 x 110cm Power Usage: 320W Fully automatic; ...