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Product Description

The EcoLet™ 65e is for those who need extra capacity and is suitable for 4 people full time or 6 people part time use. It offers everything you could dream of in terms of a toilet with no water.

This unit, which includes a convenient cover screen, is fully automatic, has a 40% larger chamber, two heating elements, ventilation fan, advanced mixing mechanism, and excess liquid sensor making it the most advanced composting toilet on the market.

Benefits of a composting toilet system

  • No smell
  • Protects groundwater
  • Saves water
  • Recycles nutrients

The EcoLet™ 65e is certified to Australian & New Zealand Standard 1546.2. In addition, it is also approved in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, NT, WA and TAS.

See our Case Studies for examples of EcoLet™ applications.

Package Includes:

  • Toilet
  • Installation Kit
  • Starter pack: 1 x 125ml Nature Flush Enzymes & spray bottle, 1 x Bag of Nature Quick Microbes, 2 x Bag of bulking agent and "Who Gives a Crap" Toilet 
    Capacity Listed capacities refer to the amount of people, on average, using the unit per day. Do not pick a unit that is below your capacity.
    Full time users (Residential/Continuous) 4 People
    Part time users (Seasonal/Vacation) 6 People
    Weights & Dimensions (L by W by H)
    Unit 810mm L x 650mm W x 660mm H
    Floorspace Required 650mm x 1100mm (includes room to remove tray)
    Shipping Weight 30kg
    Shipping Carton Dimensions 830mm L x 650mm W x 700mm H
    Electrical Rating
    Power Usage 355W - Fully automatic; element 305W and motor 50W
    Certifications / Approvals
    SAI Global Certification / AS/NZS 1546.2:2008 On-site domestic wastewater treatment units - Waterless composting toilets. This model is approved in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, NT, SA, WA and TAS. (The products are approved only if installed as per the installation manual)

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Product TypeToilet
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