Classic 850 - Standard Batch System Eco Toilet


Product Description

The Classic 850 is the standard batch system waterless composting toilet for Australian domestic installations. It has been developed to replace the Classic 750 & Classic 1000 which were developed in 1992 and thousands have been sold all over Australia and New Zealand.

Advantages of the Classic 850 Waterless Composting Toilet:

  • No odours
  • No water tanks
  • No pumps or valves
  • No chemicals
  • Small underfloor space requirements - the minimum height required to install the chamber beneath the bathroom floor is 800 mm
  • Each chamber has 2 wheels, making it much easier to change full chambers
  • There is a compost mixer which accelerates the compoost process¬†
  • Simplicity
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Unlimited capacity with the purchase of additional chambers
  • Most importantly, it is the lowest priced family composting toilet in Australia

The Classic 850 is approved in all states and is Australian Standards 1546.2 certified.

The Classic range of waterless composting toilets is complete with everything required for installation, including ceramic pedestal and seat, except, for reasons of freight cost, the external vent pipe and absorption trench materials, which can be bought from your local hardware store for about $80.

Standard Classic 850 - 2 Waterless Composting Toilet Package:

  • Conventional looking Ceramic pedestal/seat.
  • 2 composting chambers (75 cm high x 80 cm diameter).
  • Waste connecting chute (55 cm in length - can be cut by you to suit your installation).
  • Ventilation system includes 2 x 12 volt, 2 watt fans and transformer. Easy to follow DIY installation and maintenance manual
An optional extra heater pad is available for $137

Product Information

Product TypeToilet
Price (incl. tax)A$3,132.75
Price (incl. tax)A$2,596.50
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