Septic System Treatment (SST)



Product Description

An automatic on-going treatment for your septic or aeration system. A micronutrient formulation encased in a solid mix that treats your septic waste on every flush of the cistern. It tints the water blue, cleans the bowl and each 50g bottle is a 2 month treatment for your septic, stimulating the bacteria to work more efficiently.


  • 100% Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • The product contains no chemicals, bacteria or enzymes.
  • Eliminates and controls odours
  • Eliminates grease film and solids from drain field lines
  • Reduces solids in tank
  • Sanitises and cleans toilet bowl
  • Tints bowl water blue, giving a colour signal when new unit is required
  • Biodegradable

The SST is designed to provide a regular maintenance treatment to the system, following on from a shock dose of SSR to get the septic/aeration system working properly. With each flush of the toilet a small amount of the micronutrient formula is released, stimulating the natural bacteria to digest the solids adhering to the sides of the tank and eliminating the odours emanating from the system.

Available in a pack with 2 x 50g bottles

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