Portable Toilet Treatment (PTT)


Product Description

A highly concentrated product for eliminating odours and reducing solids in portable toilets, porta-potties etc. Used in both top & bottom tanks and contains a mild fragrance. Safe to handle and safe to dispose of down a septic system, pit toilet or composting toilet.


  • Caravans
  • Motor-Homes
  • Porta-potties
  • Site Toilets


After emptying the portable toilet, add approx. 1 litre water charge to unit then add PTT as follows:

  • Portable Toilets with cassettes up to 25L - use 25ml (can use 15ml in bottom cassette and 10ml in top holding tank)
  • Portable Toilets, Waste Holding Tanks up to 160L - use 50ml
  • Re-circulating Toilets with tank up to 160L - use 100ml


  • 100% Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • The product contains no harmful chemicals, bacteria or enzymes.
  • Same product is used in both top tank & bottom cassette.
  • Cleans bowl, lubricates the seals and has a mild, pleasant fruity fragrance
  • End product is safe to dispose in septic systems, pit toilets or waste drop points.
  • PTT's effectiveness increases with any rise in temperature, ensuring odour control on hot, humid summer days.
  • Highly concentrated using only 25ml per treatment (for most standard caravan applications).
  • No fuss, single application, single product
  • Cost effective at only 62cents per standard treatment!

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