Liquid Portable Toilet (LPT)


Product Description

Made exclusively for the portable Toilet industry, the LPT formulation is similar to the PTT product but contains in addition a dark blue dye specifically for toilets where the waste is visible.

LPT is a highly concentrated product for eliminating odours and reducing solids. It actually causes a biological change in waste matter, so that it cannot produce odours - while rapidly digesting solids. Even on the hottest days! LPT contains a mild fragrance for an immediate affect.


  • Site Toilets
  • Event Toilets
  • Mine Toilets
  • Portable Toilets where the waste is visual


After emptying the portable toilet, add water charge to unit then add LPT as follows:

  • Portable Toilets, Waste Holding Tanks up to 160L - use 50ml
  • For specific dosages for other applications, contact EnviroPro.


  • 100% Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • The product contains no harmful chemicals, bacteria or enzymes.
  • End product is safe to dispose in septic systems, pit toilets or waste drop points.
  • Decomposes Solids from sides of tank
  • LPT's effectiveness increases with any rise in temperature, ensuring odour control on hot, humid summer days.
  • No fuss, single application, single product
  • Cost effective
  • Inhibits Faecal Coliform Growth

Product Information

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