Excel Toilet - Domestic Composting toilet for slab floors



Product Description

The Sun-Mar Excel composting toilet is designed for buyers who are unable to purchase a split system because their home is built on a concrete slab with no opportunity to install a composting chamber beneath the bathroom floor.

Sun-Mar is a Canadian manufacturer and one of the largest producers of composting toilets in the world. They have been producing waterless toilets for 30 years. 

Advantages of the Excel waterless composting toilet:

  • No odours
  • No water tanks
  • No pumps or valves
  • No chemicals
  • Simple installation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Suitable for slab floor 

The Excel composting toilet is certified as complying with Australian Standards 1546.2 and is approved in all states.

The Excel has a unique three chamber processing system including the patented Bio-drum. The high gloss white finish ensures it fits in well with other bathroom fittings and, unlike competing products where the vent pipe exits the top of the unit inside the bathroom, the Excel vent is unseen. It exits from the rear of the unit.

The standard Excel waterless composting toilet has a single electrical plug for the heater and fan. If you would prefer to have the option to use the fan alone without heater (during low occupancy or hot weather) there is the two plug version, the Excel DP.

The Excel is superior to competing self-contained toilets because it uses a rotating drum to mix and aerate, rather than just a mixing bar or rake. The drum ensures optimum processing by providing the best composting conditions:

  • Even moisture distribution
  • Thorough mixing
  • Complete aeration

To accommodate the drum, the toilet is taller than a conventional toilet. An optional step is supplied. To reduce the apparent height of the toilet it can be installed in a 200mm cavity with trap door to access the finishing tray. There is a heater which further enhances the composting process and evaporates liquids. The 240 volt ventilation system ensures the system is odourless.

Unit Dimensions: Height 79 cm x Width 57 cm x Depth 84 cm

Capacity: 3-4 people full-time

For further details and operating conditions please see the Sun-Mar web site at www.sun-mar.com 

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