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The Centrex 3000 allows the installation of a split system toilet where there is only 900 mm between the bathroom floor and the ground. In this case the composting unit would normally be located beside the house within 5m of the pedestal. If the ground slopes away from the house to where the composting unit is to be located it may be possible to install a Centrex 3000 composting toilet where the bathroom floor is on the slab.

The horizontally mounted composting drum provides optimum composting conditions with its tumbling action to aerate and mix the contents. A liquid drain outlet is provided for any excess liquid run off into a bath sized gravel pit.

The final processing is completed in the finishing tray isolated from any fresh material. The finished earth like composted humus is odourless. It is removed only a few times a year and is normally used for soil enrichment.

The Centrex 3000 composting toilet is suitable for homes of up to 2 adults and 4 children. This assumes the ambient temperature around the composter is > 12°C average. For larger families or cooler climates there is the Centrex 3000 composting toilet.

The Centrex 3000 meets the requirements of the Queensland EPA and are approved in New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, and is approved in SA. Ecoflo expect approval in other states soon.

The Centrex composting toilet is ideal for people who prefer the look of a conventional pedestal and who feel the need to flush after using the toilet. More than one pedestal can be connected to one composting unit. With the Centrex there is no possibility of seeing any composting material when using the toilet. This is a unique advantage of the half litre Centrex units.

Centrex 3000 Composting Toilet package are:

  • White ceramic pedestal and solid plastic seat
  • Composting chamber with Bio-drum
  • Waste connecting chute
  • Ventilation system including 240 volt air fan and external vent pipes with diffuser
  • Easy to follow installation and maintenance manual. 

Capacity: 6-7 people in permanent use

this unit is available in 12 or 24 volt format with a 2 watt fan in place of the 240 volt fan. The unit can be ordered as the Centrex 3000 NE (Non Electric). The NE toilets will self ventilate satisfactorily during intermittent use without a 12/24 volt fan. If a fan is not required a discount will apply.

For detailed specifications of each unit please click here

For further details and operating conditions please see the Sun-Mar web site at www.sun-mar.com

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